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London, UK


 London band Belleruche is made up of Kathrin deBoer (vocals), Ricky Fabulous (guitar) and DJ Modest (deck) The trio’s distinctive sound is a self-styled brand of handmade hip hop blues soul. Kathrin deBoer's soul-style vocals vary between Moloko, Lou Rhodes (Lamb) and Beth Gibbons witha hint of Stevie Nicks; it's a versatile mix, and she's got total control of what she's singing and uses her voice to greater effect that on their initial releases.

 Their star started to rise with the release of the highly-anticipated album “The Express” in October 2008. The first single “Anything You Want (Not That)” was awarded the coveted Single Of The Week spot on iTunes and the album hit No. 1 in the iTunes electronic album chart.

 The “Liberty EP” came out in March 2010, previewing material from album number three and showcasing yet another evolution in the Belleruche sound. It sold out and had to be re-pressed within two weeks.

 On their third, 270 Storie, they’ve made some changes : turning away from the laidback bluesly and soulful elements of their sound for something scratchier, punkier and more claustrophobic, with increasingly cryptic lyrics to match.

Their New album ‘Rollerchain' is a small departure from the previous sounds, a case of evolution in action. The production values have definitely increased, but this means you feel the absence of sounds much more keenly, and it's enabled them to showcase a wider range of styles.

Belleruche Rollerchain






Perth , Australia

Tame Impala

Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia. It is the project of Kevin Parker who writes and records almost all of the music by himself. The live band consists of Kevin Parker (lead guitar and vocals), Dominic Simper (guitar and synth), Jay Watson (synth and backing vocals), Nick Allbrook (bass) and most recently added member, Julien Barbagallo (drums). 

Their name refers to the impala, a medium sized antelope. Their musical sound draws from a wide range of influences (most notably ’60s and ’70s psychedelic rock) and they like to see themselves as “a steady flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody.” 

The band signed a worldwide deal with label Modular Recordings in mid 2008, releasing their self titled EP in late 2008 and the single ‘Sundown Syndrome’ in 2009. Their debut album, “Innerspeaker”, was released in 2010 to widespread critical acclaim.

 Lonerism is the second album by Australian psychedelic rock band, released by Modular Recordings on 5 October 2012. Like their previous album Innerspeaker, most of the recording was undertaken by Kevin Parker. Parker recorded Lonerism in many different places around the world whilst touring with Tame Impala. 


Lonerism 1